About us

The Institute of World Studies, Takushoku University, founded in 1955, has been dedicated to the academic research of regional affairs.

Amid the growing tides of globalization and economic uncertainty, the world faces mounting concerns such as international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass-destruction, and ethnic and religious conflicts. Under this emerging international security environment, our institute now focuses on balancing area studies with international security research.

Considering the international environment surrounding Japan and the world, careful deliberation and analysis of the current political and economic trend is needed more than ever to ensure an accurate forecast of events far into the future. Research staff of IWS conduct advanced research into various aspects of world affairs and publish the monthly and the annual "Journal of World Affairs" ("Kaigai Jijo") for the practical utilization of research results. Based on the tradition and founding philosophy of Takushoku University, staff members, mostly professors of the University, invest in graduate and post-graduate education at our university.

Our institute promotes joint research and investigations with Japanese and overseas organizations and regularly hold various symposiums and workshops. We also conduct joint projects or information-sharing with foreign specialists.

The world is entering into an era of dramatic change, and our institute will take on an increasingly larger role. I look forward to your continued support and understanding for the research projects of IWS.

President of the Institute of World Studies
Takashi Kawakami, Ph.D.

List of Researchers

Takashi Kawakami, Ph.D. (Professor, President of the Institute of World Studies)

Takashi Kawakami, Ph.D. Field of Research Security, American politics, Japan-US relations
Dr. Takashi Kawakami is President of the Institute of World Studies, Takushoku University, and Professor in the Graduate School of Takushoku University in Japan.
Previously, Dr. Kawakami worked as Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Defense Studies, a policy research arm of Japan’s Ministry of Defense. In addition, Dr. Kawakami has served as Professor at Hokuriku University, Visiting Senior Fellow at RAND Corporation, and as Councilor for Kanagawa prefecture and Senior Advisor at the Foreign Policy Section of Japan’s House of Councilors.
He is the author of the Non-Polar world and US-Japan Alliance (2015), Collective Security and the U.S.-Japan Treaty (2013), What Is the U.S.-Japan Alliance (2011), The USA in the Modern World (2009), U.S. Base Realignment and Security Cooperation (2008), U.S. Forward Deployment and the U.S.-Japan Alliance (2004), and The U.S. Strategy toward Japan (2001).
Other publications of note include: “How to Revise the New U.S.-Japan Guidelines,” LDP newsletter, September 2013; “How Japan’s 3.11 Earthquake Affected the U.S.-Japan Alliance,” JIJI Press, September 2011; and “Assertive Rising China and the U.S.-Japan Alliance,” Takushoku University, January 2011, among others.
Dr. Kawakami holds a Ph.D. from the Osaka School of International Public Policy at Osaka University.
Contact tkawakam@ner.takushoku-u.ac.jp
HP http://tkawakamidreams.net/

Heigo Sato, Ph.D. (Professor, Vice President of the Institute of World Studies)

Heigo Sato, Ph.D. Field of Research International Relations, Security, American Politics and Foreign Policy, Arms Control, Defense Industries
Contact hsatou@ner.takushoku-u.ac.jp

Kazuhiro Araki (Professor)

Kazuhiro Araki Field of Research Politics and Security of the Korean Peninsula
Contact kumoha551@mac.com
HP http://araki.way-nifty.com/

Tetsuya Endo (Professor)

Field of Research History of Military/ Security Affairs;
Military Sociology, "Non-traditional" Security Studies

Yuji Suzuki (Professor)

Field of Research Security, International Security Cooperation
Contact ysuzuki@ner.takushoku-u.ac.jp

Hideshi Takesada (Professor)

Hideshi Takesada Field of Research International relations of the Korean Peninsula, Defense problems of Japan
Contact yonsei601@gmail.com

Satoshi Tomisaka (Professor)

Satoshi Tomisaka
Field of Research Contemporary China
Contact tomixaka@yahoo.co.jp

Kenro Nagoshi (Professor)

Kenro Nagoshi Field of Research Russia, Media Studies
Contact knagoshi@ner.takushoku-u.ac.jp
HP http://www.fsight.jp/category/russia

Fumio Niwa (Professor)

Fumio Niwa Field of Research Political Science, History of Japanese Foreign Policy
Contact fniwa@ner.takushoku-u.ac.jp

Akifumi Nomura (Assistant Professor)

Akifumi Nomura Field of Research Middle East Politics, Islamic Sects, Islamic Studies
Contact anomura@ner.takushoku-u.ac.jp

Jin Du (Professor)

Jin Du Field of Research Development Economics, Chinese Economy
Contact shinto@ner.takushoku-u.ac.jp

Fumio Yoshino, Ph.D.  (Professor)

Fumio Yoshino, Ph.D. Field of Research Asian Economics, International Economics
Contact fyoshino@ner.takushoku-u.ac.jp